EVP for Antakalnis clinic

Agency: Amston
Year of implementation: 2020
Due to the increased number of patients, medics all over Lithuania faced an unbearable workload during the pandemic. Therefore, the teams started to lack capacity and struggled to give decent attention to people. Clinics had to make new hires as soon as possible but it was difficult to do so as salary in private sector is much higher and public employees have to find a way to stand out from others. That is why one of the biggest clinics in Lithuania Antakalnis Clinic decided to improve their processes of attracting and onboarding talent, so that job-seeking professionals could join the team as quickly and smoothly as possible and therefore help more people in need.
Our main focus was to improve candidates’ and employees’ experience. That’s why we conducted workshops with management and in depth interviews with employees, reviewed internal communication and main HR procedures. Based on surveys’ results, we helped to create Employer Value Proposition and identify the key selling points. This helped to identify a set of goals that management has to achieve, and smooth employee onboarding was the main one. That’s why we created onboarding strategy and precise procedure of the process.

Also, we organized team’s photoshoot and created the company's representative style to help communicate its values and point of view. To help employees represent the company better and have a deeper understanding of its objectives, mission and values, Newbie book was created where medics could find all the most helpful information.
All of this had a direct impact on the satisfaction of the newcomers as they have learned to find more useful information themselves. Therefore, managers are able to save their valuable time as they can focus on their direct responsibilities rather than explaining general information to new team members.

Also, onboarding became a lot smoother and the integration of the newcomers is almost twice as short. This increased candidates’ motivation as people were able to jumpstart their career rather than be stuck in corporate bureaucracy.

For the management, a clearly defined Employer Value Proposition helped not only to attract valuable talents but to set correct and accurate goals as it is a lot easier to understand what to focus on while building company’s culture and management leadership style. Because of that, today’s candidates can easily find out what it is like to work in Antakalnis clinic, what the company stands for, and what they can expect when joining the team.