Integrated Employer Branding Strategy for NN Insurance Hungary

Agency: Brandfizz Employer Branding Ltd.
Year of implementation: 2019
NN operates with 1200 insurance agents across 25 locations in Hungary and 350 employees in its headquarters. The company is a well-known brand in the financial sector as a subsidiary of the Dutch NN Group N. V which is present in 18 countries with 14.000 employees across Europe, a clientele of 17 million people and a revenue of 5.6 billion EUR. One of the main challenge was to become a more relevant employer and make the insurance agent profession more attractive to the potential candidates. The aim was to build an integrated employer branding strategy aligned with global EVPs and filling them with local content. Employee experience, Onboarding experience, Recruitment events, Local ambassador program, Social recruitment, On-demand HR communication were all important parts of the strategy.
The process started with an employer- and organizational brand diagnosis. Interviews in a segmented target group of 523 participants have shed light on what really matter: the company atmosphere, community life, corporate events and creating a platform for colleagues to maintain good relationships. To launch the ambassador program, we organized an event called NN Inspire Day, a storytelling EVP workshop to localize global EVPs: 30 employees shared their stories out of 104 participants. To bring these stories to life 17 ambassadors took part in NN Inspire Challenge where they told their stories in photos and videos. Videos were part of a social media campaign on NN’s Facebook career page.
NN Career Facebook page in its first three months reached over 130.000 users and became the second largest source of visitors to NN career page and had 350.000+ video views. The agile transformation and experience mapping methodology has had extraordinary impact on the new, seamless recruitment process. Offer approval time has been reduced to an average of 1,8 weeks from 4 weeks, the time to hand out an offer is now twice as fast and offer acceptance rate has grown by 50%.