Employer Branding Strategy and Talent Attraction
Client: Kerkstoel
Agency: Branded.Careers
Year of implementation: 2018
Even though they are one of the European market leaders in concrete, Kerkstoel is a non-brand as an employer. This led to a big challenge in filling their new factory with workman. The good thing was that the owners of the company understood perfectly that being an attractive employer wasn’t a result of a marketing campaign but needed to come from bottom up. Creating a story with the existing employees and bringing that out in the open.
To investigate the local culture we organized workshops with the employees in diverse groups. All together we got to know over 90 employees out of 135. These workshops resulted in a detailed analysis of all the experiences in the company, from pre-hire to retire.

The analysis led to 5 points to work on. But this was long term and not yet a solution to get the factory up and running. Therefor we implemented a referral system, an enormous banner on the factory façade and jobcafés promoted on beer mats which were used in over 30 cafés.

For the 5 long term points we implemented a strategic timeline for 2019.
Both the referral campaign and the jobcafés led to a first team of 12 work man for the factory within 3 months.

Employees of Kerkstoel mention that the quality of the new colleagues is high.

For an internal event the percentage of attendees was 70% which is high in comparison with the 'normal' rate of 55%. The employees experience the attention that goes to their culture and are open to interventions.