Ambassador Community
Client: Mazars Kft.
Agency: Brandfizz
Year of implementation: 2020
Mazars has become one of the leading audit, advisory and accounting companies in Hungary over the past 30 years, and opened its Hungarian office in August 1991. The aim of the collaboration with Mazars was to put the corporate values into spotlight, on a job market, which is overwhelmed by the big4. Colleagues were generally happy and satisfied at their workplace, but there was lack of communication towards the external community. We wanted to show what the real Mazars experience means from professional and personal point of view.
We looked at how employer branding can support long term business goals. Both qualitative and quantitative research was conducted involving 108 colleagues. Based on the feedback we have created the localized employer value proposition, that makes Mazars unique in the market. Emphasizing the company’s values, the slogan "Add Impact!" was born. Based on the results of the research, we built the annual employer branding strategy.

We were focusing on the following areas of the "Add Impact!" program:
● Finding the values and communicating them
● Producing local content involving ambassadors
● Localising external communication strategy, aligned with company values
● Structuring internal communication strategy
● Introducing teams and business units with the power of personal storytelling
● Improving employee experience
● Building up the employer branding strategy for Mazars internally and externally

In addition to attracting best talent, we put emphasis on retention and employee engagement as well. This allowed us to focus on both external and internal communication. Our goal was to communicate those values externally, which colleagues felt as their own and could be supported with practical examples.


We created the Mazars ambassador community. With their help, we created new, localized job advertisements and internal content.

As part of the "Add Impact!" Campaign Mazars had a full day storytelling training. The attendees created video scripts from their stories with the help of external consultants. As a result we filmed 8 videos with 49 participants over two days. The videos were aiming to present the professional impact of each team. We were pleased how the Mazars management took part in the project with maximum effort and also performed greatly in the videos.
As part of the challenge, we announced a contest with the aim of getting the biggest reach on social media with the team videos. The team members could win a trip to another Mazars office abroad, which proved to be a strong enough motivation to activate participation.

The videos have been launched on Facebook. Social media reach was all achieved in an organic way, thanks to the colleagues, who actively shared the videos. Our goal, which was to activate and increase employer brand awareness, brought the desired result. We managed to show Mazars' values externally and gain a stronger presence in a noisy market — all authentically, with the success stories of the teams and colleagues.

Results in numbers: 8 videos / 49 participants / 591 shares / 25 410 views / 73 922 reach

As the final touch of the "Add Impact!" Challenge, we held a mini Oscar Ceremony at Mazars' Christmas dinner. The winning teams were awarded, as well as the film stars. The Mazars "Add Impact!" Campaign showed that storytelling has a community-building power. As part of the integrated employer branding strategy, the program helped to activate colleagues, engage leaders and volume up the voice of Mazars’s employee experience. The "Add Impact!" Campaign received a silver award by the jury in the Hungarian ‘HR Komm Award' in 2020 in overall Employer Branding category.