Case Study
Client: Baerum Municipality
Agency: Whydentify AS
Year of implementation: 2020
Baerum Municipality has 12 000 employees and borders to Norway’s capital and biggest city Oslo (with 70 000 employees). The competition for talent is stiff, going up against not only Oslo municipality but also many of the biggest and most attractive private employers in the country, the biggest national hospitals and other surrounding municipalities. Baerum did not stand out from the competition with regards to their employer brand and was fragmented in the communication. With a substantially lower salary level than most private employers, it was necessary for Baerum to identify a reason why employees should choose them instead of the many good alternatives.
Through extensive research with answers from 10 000 employees, qualitative workshops, competitor analysis, a mapping of candidate preferences and dialogue with top level administration and politicians, we had a foundation for an employer value proposition that was unique, attractive, credible and lasting. The EVP is summed up in the brand promise "join us and make your mark" (translation from Norwegian). This has so far been implemented internally through dialogue with 600 recruiting managers, posts on Yammer, an Instagram-take over by nurses and an upcoming art exhibition. The external implementation consists of career sites for multiple employee groups, a new photo guideline with 20 different motifs, a new template for job ads, branding ads, films and specific campaigns for numerous vacant positions.
74,4% of candidates said in a survey that the EVP message gave them an increased desire to apply to Baerum Municipality. We have seen an increase in conversion from application to hire of up to 35% on comparable campaigns before and after the launch.

Another comparable recruitment campaign gave 6,4 times as many applications. The Instagram takeover has yielded great engagement, with daily posts, likes and comments.