KPMG Change Warriors. Creating a disruptive concept
Client: KPMG
Agency: WTC
Year of implementation: 2019-2020
KPMG wanted to design a campaign to attract and retain the best university talent in order to become known as the leading employer of choice of the segment. The campaign had to be focused on positioning KPMG apart from other big 3, and reflect its specific brand culture and wish to impact the economy.
We set ourselves the goal of finding a BIG IDEA that had to be DIFFERENTIAL, EMOTIONAL AND UNIQUE. It had to generate a change in the perception of what makes KPMG. A global concept that will allow to be adapted to any current or future initiative.
This is the genesis of KPMG Change Warriors. We created a concept that defines the company and the people philosophy to face the biggest and most complex situations and help companies move forward. An idea that summarises KPMG’s commitment to help companies adapt to the new reality. A call to change the world.
Once the idea was defined, we developed the needed content (a concept video, testimonials, posts, recruitment site, collateral…) to launch the campaign in a 360 approach.
  • What started as a recruiting campaign has turned into an icon of the company. It has achieved the goal of differentiation and notoriety that was being pursued.
  • The employees identify with the concept. Every area and region of KPMG in Spain joined the #KPMGChangeWarriors initiative providing the campaign with greater visibility, becoming viral.
  • "KPMG Change Warriors" has grown and has been used for disability and social inclusion translating the change in the promotion of diversity and social responsibility.
  • KPMG Change Warriors has won the prize for the best internal communication campaign on a national level at the 2019 Dircom prizes.