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Year of implementation: 2016-2019

Danone approached us to develop a new value proposition and visual concept for the Surf Danone leadership program in 2016. A company with a very strong corporate culture, Danone has a mission to make the world healthier. The concept of social responsibility that is used in the company’s global EVP, however, does not create a big reaction among candidates in the CIS market. In a year we repeated this for the Danone Twist summer internship program, and six months later — for the Danone Band internship program for technical specialists at regional production facilities.
Through a combination of insight into the target audience and market trends, along with Danone’s unique features, we were able to formulate the company’s key advantage as an employer — its atmosphere of freedom to develop and express oneself, as well as the drive that lives within every employee. We are talking about freedom and drive in any project — whether it is a career that you get fully immersed in, such as the Surf Danone leadership program, or when we offer to shake up one’s summer through an internship at Danone Twist, or when we invite young techies to become rock stars through Danone Band. Since 2016, we have also been fully responsible for all 3 internship programs' marketing campaigns through the use of our key marketing channels: targeted advertising, contextual advertising, social media seeding, ambassadors in universities, working with universities and career centers, e-mail marketing, and telemarketing.
Recognized as one of the world’s best practices in Danone, the Surf Danone project is currently being implemented in 10 countries. Since 2017, interest has been shown by more than 43,000 students and recent graduates in the Surf Danone program, from which 5,200 decided to tackle this career path, registering for the development program. More than 25,000 students showed interest in the Danone Twist program, with more than 4,000 people from 5 CIS cities applying to participate in the program. The Danone Band program interested more than 10,000 people, 865 people applied to become participants in the project. The project’s conversion rate was 10−15%, which is higher than Universum’s recommended average of 8%.