"The First Arctic" Nornickel Leadership Program

Agency: Changellenge >>
Year of implementation: 2018
Working at Nornickel is prestigious, challenging and challenging: to become an employee of one of the country's most famous companies, you need to know first-hand how people work in the Arctic. The company needs people who are ready to work, to develop themselves and not to give up even in the most severe circumstances. Our task was to create a value proposition, creative and design concepts for the new leadership program of Nornickel, as well as to collect 1500 applications from interested candidates.
All activities are based on the idea of traveling and conquering the North – a mysterious, difficult to understand, not always friendly, but beautiful and full of prospects. To attract talented candidates, we have developed the First Arctic Leadership program. This leadership program is for those who want to understand, be able to do and do more than others. It will not only make it possible to understand different aspects of the business but will also make it possible to unravel the secrets of the Russian North.
We have developed a value proposition and a design concept for a development program for young managers whose key task will be to manage the steelmaking industry beyond the Arctic Circle. We have collected more than 1,500 applications from university graduates and young specialists with engineering education, good knowledge of English and high academic performance. All of them were ready to move to the Arctic and start their careers at the production facilities. Now they can discover different sides of the North, understand business and discover many new things about themselves.