Project Complex for Sibur Company

Agency: Changellenge >>
Year of implementation: 2019
Sibur is the largest petrochemical company in Russia, with 1400 clients from 80 countries. The company has an undisputed status of an industry leader, and most of the candidates have always been graduates of chemical specialties. With the development of business, Sibur had to prove itself as an employee in front of the representatives of IT, physical and mathematical and engineering areas to hire more than 300 specialists during the year.
To attract young professionals to the production process, we have developed a pool of projects: two development programs (First Element and Internship in Sibur), as well as a series of events in the Russian cities "Reference Point". The whole complex is united by the main idea: while working in Sibur, you will be the main and first element in your career. You will be able to focus on your development, and the company will help you do that.
We developed a creative concept for three projects, conducted a marketing campaign for more than 6,000 registrations, organized 13 offline events in the regions and conducted several special projects for awareness growth. We also helped the company to select the specialists. For example, we created a candidate assessment video guide for Sibur employees and prepared two cases for assessment centers.