Employer branding today
Panel discussion 24 April 2020 - 10 AM (GMT +2)
Employer Branding experts from different countries gather to share their vision on the effect of this crisis on Employer Branding. Will the war for talent still be HR’s highest priority? How can companies stand out during and after this crisis? How can HR really make a difference for employees? These and many other questions will be answered by experts who are all members of the European association of Employer branding agencies.
About us
EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF EMPLOYER BRANDING AGENCIES was founded in 2019 by 7 agencies from 7 countries. The members of the Association have already proven to be leaders on their internal markets and implemented hundreds of successful cases with their clients. The association aims to improve its expertise by sharing ideas and knowledge on an international level. Now, our clients' tasks will be solved with the help of our shared professionalism and expertise.
Member directory
Our Membership consists of employer branding agencies that have established leadership in their local markets through a comprehensive set of employer branding and HR marketing services.
Brett Minchington
Employer Brand International
Johan Driessens
Branded Careers
Ton Rodenburg
Kersti Vannas
Adam Horvath & Anita Zvezdovics
Andrey Aliasov
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Jiří Landa