Zoom in NI campaign

Agency: Brandfizz Employer Branding Ltd.
Year of implementation: 2021-2022
NI, the market-leader American multinational company with international operations, develops automated test and automated measurement systems. The local site in Debrecen, Hungary operates with more than 1500 colleagues. The main challenge the company faced, was the increasing market competition for talent in the Debrecen region, mainly among blue-collar and engineering target groups.
Our main goal was to increase local brand recognition, focusing on recruitment and retention.
The first step was to create a local employer branding value proposition based on HR audit data and leadership interviews. The framework of the Zoom in NI campaign was focusing on 5 different target groups with tailored messages based on persona needs. The goal of Zoom in NI campaign was to show the little details that make NI a special workplace, as these things were yet only visible to the ones already working there but not well-known externally.

The campaign was launched online & also internally. A social media recruitment campaign on Facebook has been set up with targeting the five personas and converting them to a tailored easy apply landing page with the relevant information. To position the five personas, persona-specific, hiring manager introduction, and follow-me for a day videos were created highlighting the NI details that make the community and work ethic unique.The photo shooting and video shooting involved 32 colleagues and the management. For a diverse and modern campaign look,20 videos, 25 static, and 10 animated ads were created.

Internal communication objectives included activating colleagues to promote the Zoom in NI campaign, so there was monthly one topic in the focus: social media activation, benefits package communication, persona introductions, technician position branding & referral boost.
After three months, the five persona landing pages had 19 630 visitors, and 237 applicants, and this number is counting day by day. So far, the social media analytics consist of 1960 Link clicks and 189 877 reach. The Facebook page likes are growing by 50 per month. The analytics, the campaign budget, and internal recruitment data provide a good basis for determining ROI, which for this campaign is 36x.