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EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF EMPLOYER BRANDING AGENCIES was founded in 2019 by 6 agencies from 6 countries. The members of the Association have already proven to be leaders on their internal markets and implemented hundreds of successful cases with their clients. The association aims to improve its expertise by sharing ideas and knowledge on an international level. Now, our clients' tasks will be solved with the help of our shared professionalism and expertise.
Advantages for our clients:
Leadership on the market
Constant exchange of ideas and knowledge
Оpportunities to implement projects all across Europe
If you seek for more information about our Association and opportunities for cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us or follow us on Facebook.
Purpose and goals

The founding purpose of our Association is to inspire ideas that will help manage and master the global job market through international exchange built on friendship and trust. The principle goals of the Association are:
To operate as a platform for knowledge transfer, collaboration, and international business opportunities.
To promote responsible and respectful workplace and recruitment practices
To bring economic and social benefit to our clients and to our members
To increase the international visibility of our members
Code of ethics

Following the Code of Ethics of the Association, Members pledge to:
Member directory
Our Membership consists of employer branding agencies that have established leadership in their local markets through a comprehensive set of employer branding and HR marketing services. All six current member agencies are the Founders of the Association.
Best cases
Danone programs for interns

Agency: Changellenge >>
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Employer branding strategy and talent attraction
Agency: Branded.Careers
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The power of real people and real stories
Agency: Brandfizz Employer Branding Ltd.
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Repositioning the employer brand at MAN
Agency: grapevine marketing GmbH
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Changellenge >> (Moscow)
Changellenge >> is a leading employer branding agency in Russia and CIS. It was founded with the mission of providing business education to students and connecting the best students with top employers. Today, the company covers five different business operations: employer branding, graduate recruitment, case competitions, assessment materials and career education.

Sample clients: Accenture, BCG, Google, PwC, Danone, Unilever, KPMG, Mars, Raiffeisen Bank, P&G, Uniqlo, METRO Cash and Carry

Founded in 2007

Operates in Russia & CIS.
Brandfizz Employer Branding (Budapest)
Brandfizz is the first specialized employer branding agency in Hungary. Brandfizz builds result-driven integrated employer branding strategy and provides complex A-Z employer branding execution. We work for companies who believe creativity & employee experience focus on the labor market is key to employer` success.

To add sparkle to employer brand we focus on addressing business need, building organizational advocacy and developing employer brand through the entire candidate & employee experience lifecycle with measurable business results.

Sample clients: KPMG, Jaguar LandRover, NN Insurance, Grandvision, Friesland Campina, Continental, EY, TATA Consultancy Services, Mazars, Qualysoft, Waberers

Founded in 2016

Operates in Hungary.
Grapevine Marketing GmbH (Munich)
As an agency for employer branding & hr marketing, grapevine offer solutions to meet your positioning and recruitment targets. We are specialists in employer branding, and so everything we do is focused on the people and the brand. We work in partnership with our customers to provide the best possible service. A family atmosphere and a unique team spirit are our own hallmarks as an employer! We think people first. Always.

Sample clients: Lidl, Deutsche Bank, Allianz, KPMG, PWC, AOK, Pro7Sat1, Danone, Beiersdorf

Founded in 2010

Operates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
Branded.Careers (Antwerp)
We stand out by creating interactive videos and campaigns for their clients to show what makes them unique. Not only do we create content (visuals, video, experience, etc.) but we are also the strategic partner when it comes to Employer Branding.

Sample clients: Unleashed (Mobile Vikings), Nike, JBC, Australian, D'Ieteren

Founded in 2014

Operates in Belgium, Netherlands and UK.
Universitybox (Milano)
We are a student marketing agency, inspired by students led by professionals. We support companies in Marketing, Sales & Employer Branding strategies, providing the best solutions for companies and their brands. We are able to find strategies and solutions to connect brands with their future customers and employees. is a student platform with more than 300k members. Our setup, according to our services and products, is capable of reaching 24 cities and almost 32 Universities within Italy.

Sample clients: Samsung, Asos, Honor, Huawei, Lidl, Ied, Asus, Nestlè

Founded in 2001

Operates in Italy.
Amston (Vilnius)
Our expertise in recruitment and new employer project launch has helped us develop a strategic approach to employer branding. Working with an extensive network of partners, we can cover the full range of our clients' needs, from market scanning and establishing a business entity to PR and talent attraction.

Sample clients:, Deloitte, Aon, Ergo, Cowi, SEB

Operates in Lithuania.
Guidelines for joining the Association

Our Initiative is open by invitation to consultants, contributors, and other third parties. We are also committed to gradually growing our Initiative by accepting new agencies that share the Initiative's purpose and our goals. As with the current members, we expect agencies with proven local market leadership, with international ambitions, and with a global mode of thinking.
If you are interested in the opportunity to join the Initiative, do not hesitate to contact us.

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